Outdoor service was a great time!

Our outdoors service and belated father’s day outing was a great time for everyone.  Thanks to all who made food and homemade ice cream.   Wow, people were eating from noon until 3:00 when most folks were packing up to leave.  Check out the “Our People” page for pictures of the day.  What a great group of people, gathering around God’s word and having as Helen said, ‘good fellowship’.

More Ice Cream Please!
More Ice Cream Please!

As they say, “we are experiencing technical difficulty” with our online sermon from yesterday but hopefully the experts will have it for us in the next couple of days.  If you are looking for part 2 of the Ephesians 2:19 sermon, it should be up by Wednesday.

This is Fourth of July week.  Remember our Independence Day as a nation but also reflect this week on our individual freedom from the bondage and guilt of sin through our Lord, Jesus.  It is He that truly makes us free.  Have a great week celebrating!


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