Passion and Compassion!

God has been impressing me with the need for the local church to have a passion for Christ and His word and a compassion for the world.  Passion and compassion.  A balance which at times is hard to maintain, at least for me anyways.  However, it is not so with my friend, Pastor Keith Richardson.  He has led a team from the First Baptist Church of Clarion to Uganda on a short term missions trip.  They partnered with Alissa Cooper, a Clarion County woman, who has an amazing call on her life to minister to the orphans of Uganda and has dedicated herself to bringing God’s good news to this region of the world by building an orphan’s center.

Keith and the team have had what is undoubtedly a life changing experience for them and the people of Uganda.  That is evident from Keith’s blog and his updates from there.  I would encourage everyone to read his posts at Passion for Christ and His Word and a compassion for people, that’s Keith.

Read his posts and as Paul would instruct, ” What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things”.  Thanks Keith for the example.


2 thoughts on “Passion and Compassion!

  1. Awesome! I was so encouraged 2 see Brother Richardson and the one young lady helping 2 lay the foundation of the building, and reminded of how Christ is truly the CHIEF CORNERSTONE and we are all stones fashioned after Himself and fit 2gether 4 His Glory! It is good 2 see teamwork anywhere! The people are truly beautiful!

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