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Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace in concert

by on Sep.12, 2014, under General Posts

We are excited to announce that Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace will be presenting a night concert and seminar on Tuesday, October 21 at Center Hill Community Church.  The concert will begin at 7:00 pm and the seminar by Matthew Smith on using hymns in our worship will be presented at 5:00 pm.

The concert and seminar are open to the public as a ministry of CHCC.  There will be no charge for the concert or seminar but tickets are required.  Please contact the church office at 814-591-6108 for your tickets.

To prepare us for the concert, we will be featuring Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace music on our site between now and October 21st.  Check out the below video for an updated hymn written by Charles Wesley a few years ago and sung by our artists entitled “Arise My Soul Arise”.

soli deo gloria


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It’s a joy!

by on Jul.22, 2014, under General Posts

Wow it’s been awhile! So sorry. No excuses, just an apology.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” These words of Jesus have echoed in the hearts and the actions of our folks from Center Hill in the past weeks. No public recognition in this post, just a general acknowledgment of the love of a people for their Lord as demonstrated by their love for each other. Also a Pastor’s heart felt thank you to all those who have taken of their time and resources to reach out to those inside and out of our church.

It is sometimes difficult, as Pastor, to keep focused and not become discouraged in ministry. This has been very rare as your Pastor here at CHCC and recent months have been no different. You constantly reach out to show Christ. Nothing lifts the spirits of a Pastor more than to see the people of his congregation be changed by the preaching of the Word. The past 20 months we have walked through the book of John and have had our view of Jesus and His glory expanded dramatically.

This has resulted in our teens nearly demanding a short term missions trip, work teams providing remodeling for folks, helpful dinners provided, 5 day clubs hosted and taught, funeral luncheons, and weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice. Ladies counseling one another and carrying one another’s burdens have become common place in our church in the past several months. New teachers, new musicians, new resolve. Insert a smile on a Pastor’s face right here.

Thank you Center Hill for making it a joy to be a Pastor here.

soli deo gloria




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It’s here folks, we must decide.

by on Jun.02, 2014, under General Posts

Check out Al Mohler’s article on the issue we have discussed recently and must make a firm decision on as a congregation!

No third way

soli deo gloria


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The perverseness of sin

by on Apr.25, 2014, under General Posts

A great young lady and lover of Christ wrote this blog after beginning her study of Dave Harvey’s ‘When Sinners Say I Do’.  Our church folks began this study last month during our Midweek Refresh and have truly been blessed and challenged.  I was going to blog each week on the current chapter but I couldn’t say it better than how my ‘niece’ has.  Thanks Kimmy




soli deo gloria

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God’s works displayed

by on Mar.09, 2014, under General Posts

Penn View Bible Institute’s Praise Singers presented a concert of gospel music this morning before our message.  What a wonderful group of guys who love the Lord and CAN SING.  Our folks were all blessed by their music and their testimony in word and deed.  Thanks guys, you were a witness of Christ to CHCC.

Our message this morning, began a 3 part message of John 9 verses 1 through 17, the blind beggar man and the work of God being displayed in his suffering.  There is no more important message preached by myself than this one.  We Christ followers must have a sound theology of human suffering and God’s sovereignty to make sense of our lives.  The Bible does not let it up to each of us to guess or make up ‘wise human advice’ to explain pain and suffering, it gives clear explanation to the deepest of our pains.  It is so that the works of God might be displayed in our suffering.

No blog or short message series can rightly explain all of God’s purposes as we walk through the individual trials of this life.  It is safe to say however, no essential to believe, that we worship a great God who is in control of every aspect of our lives.  And that this great God is loving and good and purposes that his mighty works be on display through my suffering.  My suffering can only be understood in relation to God.  When I try to explain it simply in terms of happenstance or fate or chance, I not only diminish God but find myself at a complete lose to see hope in my pain.

We worship a majestic and powerful God, who knits together the disabled child in the womb (psalm 139) and makes the mouth of man mute (exodus 4).  In all things including each of these sufferings, God is putting His works on display.  His purposes are sure and His ways good.  We might not understand those purposes but when we don’t see the hand of God revealed we must trust His promises.

Join us for the next couple of weeks as we expand our intimacy of Jesus and come to a proper understanding of the pain and suffering of life.



soli deo gloria





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Love this church

by on Feb.10, 2014, under General Posts



You gotta love a church that loves the Word of God and has a sled riding hill right outside it’s door.


Bring on the rest of the winter!!!!!         Soli Deo Gloriasignature-red-on-black



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Move us, Lord.

by on Jan.24, 2014, under General Posts

We are satisfied with our faith. We tolerate compromise. We accept mediocrity in ourselves and in others. The status quo is ok. ………….Lord, move us from our complacency.

For too long, the church has accepted weak preaching, a diluted gospel and ambiguous theology. Forgive us God. We have turned deaf ears to the cry of the unborn, blind eyes to unholy marital unions, and approved with our silence the deaths of foreign martyrs. Holy Spirit convict us.

Let this year be the year for true belief and action in our churches. Let it begin at Center Hill church. May this be the year that some climb off the Christian church fence and believe in Jesus, may they receive Christ.  May we each see Him as our all sufficient One, our Thirst Quencher, our fulfillment of every desire of our heart, thus becoming Christians.

And then let us take action. Action to make disciples, to bind wounds, to feed the hungry, to call out sin and meet it with grace. May we seek justice and righteousness for His name’s sake. May this be the year, that you move us from our complacency Lord.

soli deo gloria


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“The Children” – John Piper

by on Jan.17, 2014, under General Posts

40 years of death, 58 million abortions, countless lives changed

soli deo gloria


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Show us Christ!

by on Jan.11, 2014, under General Posts

The passion of our hearts this year at Center Hill.

soli deo gloria


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New City Catechism

by on Jan.07, 2014, under General Posts

What do I believe and why do I believe it? That is a very important question to ask ourselves. The answer to that question is simple and yet profoundly important.  What we believe leads to how we act. How we act leads us to an eternal destiny.

For that reason, our church has committed itself to teach sound theology to our families, to our visitors and to our neighbors.

Catechism, a word that strikes fear or ambivalence in many in the contemporary church. It shouldn’t.  It simply means ‘to teach orally’ usually in a ‘question and answer’ format. It has been used by the church for hundreds of years as a proven way to teach generations the tenets of the faith, what we believe and why.

This year, Center Hill Community Church has committed to catechize each other; leaders and congregants, teachers and students, and parents and children. We have chosen the New City Catechism. It offers a very fresh look at the ancient truths of the faith. The NCC presents 52 questions, one per week, with an answer. It also offers a proof text, a written commentary, a short video commentary and a prayer.  We have encouraged our folks to use it in family devotions and each week we will use the question and response during our worship service.

We’ve included the link to the Catechism on our web site and invite every one to join us in our journey of faith this year.

soli deo gloria



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