Thrice Holy!

In our sermon series on worship, we have reached the crescendo of the angel’s cry in Isaiah 6,” Holy, Holy, Holy!”   No greater proclamation of the nature of God is found in scripture.  As we look at this passage this week, we will see man’s response when he comes face to face with the glory of God in His presence.  In one sense it is nearly involuntary and in the other it is truly volitional in that our worship demands our obedience. Please be in prayer for me and the power of the Word this week as we attempt to untangle this apparent tension.

On a personal note.  I want to thank each of you who prayed for our family during the recent passing of my grandmother, Sara Felmlee.  What a time of great comfort to reminisce of Gram’s life with us and her great hope in our Lord.  She will be missed by her family but we each look forward to our reunion with her at that time when our Lord returns and we, who call Jesus Saviour and Lord, will spend eternity with Gram and those who have gone on before.

I would direct you to our web page titled ‘Our Hope’ for details of finding true hope in this life and in the one to come.


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