Preachers with laryngitis

It’s one of those perplexing eternal questions which will be answered only in glory.  Why does God allow a preacher to get laryngitis?  Such was my case this past weekend.  I don’t know sign language and most people of CHCC can’t read sign language so therefore it would have been an exercise in futility for me to even step into the pulpit to preach on Sunday.  What was I to do?

Enter my friend, Rich Jaquish.  On the spur of the moment and as a testament and example  to being able to “give a reason of the hope that lies within” Rich agreed to preach for me with less than 24 hours notice.  He did a great job preaching from 1 Peter, only one of my most favored passages.  I have received very good feedback from those present and I would encourage everyone reading this blog to check out his message on our ‘Sermon’ page.  It fit right in to our recent series on true worship.

My personal thanks to Rich and to Pastor Rocky Hammond, who had to give up one of his teachers at First Baptist Church of New Bethlehem for the morning.  It’s great being a part of the unified body of Christ and able to rely on each other to further the Gospel call in the Jefferson and Clarion County area.


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  1. Rich is an awesome teacher! He led our Wednesday Bible Study at First Baptist tonight as I was not able to be there. I thank God for the blessing of a good friend like Rich and for His willingness to preach/teach in season and out of season! May all of us be challenged to be prepared do the same!

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