Basics 2009 Conference – Day 2

I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with our speakers at the Basics 2009 Pastor’s conference this year.  Today we were challenged once again by Pastor John Piper to remain committed to the supremacy of Christ and His accomplishments on our behalf.  Pastor Piper used John 3 as his text today to show the regeneration (new birth) work of Christ and how we diminish Christ when we don’t teach the necessity of this new birth.

I  find myself so inadequate as a preacher and expositor of the word after attending these conferences but also even more steadfast in the need to stand strong on the supremacy of the scriptures and THEIR power unto conversion. It certainly isn’t my persuasive speech.   Sola Scriptura!


1 thought on “Basics 2009 Conference – Day 2

  1. I believe it’s great that our pastor continues to learn new ways to present the scriptures. God is truely alive and working in our little church.

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