Basics 2009 Pastor’s conference

I sit here at Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio having just finished the first day’s session of the Basics 2009 Pastor’s Conference. In listening to Pastor John Piper expound the need for Pastors and churches to remain faithful to sound doctrine and in particular the doctrine of the  justification by faith alone and the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to our account, I am more convinced in our stand at CHCC to the clear proclamation of the truth of God’s word in everything we do.  We can not and must not compromise the very souls of men and the joy of the elect by allowing any facet of biblical dotrine to go untaught.  Thank you CHCC for allowing me that freedom to expound God’s word in all of it’s fullness.

For blogging of the ongoing conference refer to our links of ‘Trusted Bloggers’, in particluar Tim Challies.  Also link to Parkside church for details of  the conference and downloads of the sessions.


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