Making much of God in marriage

I came across this video which is partially promoting a wonderful book, This Momentary Marriage, by John Piper but the true value of the video is found in the message of commitment to God’s glory in marriage.  I know very little about this couple but what I have been able to read about them speaks volumes of their making much of God in their relationship together.  Take time to watch it and then click the link to her blog.  You will find, as I did, the need to pray for Ian and Larissa.  Pray for their commitment to each other and mostly for their commitment to Christ.  Pray for your own marriages and your own commitment to making much of God in your life.

I am convinced once again that, in general, we understand very little of suffering, of frailty of life and relationships, and lifting Him high as I watched this.  May this encourage each of us to consider this in all we do beginning with our marriages.





soli deo gloria

2 thoughts on “Making much of God in marriage

  1. A good friend of mine sent me the following message about this video testimony:

    “Hey Jack! That couple who’s story is posted on Desiring God are members at my church and friends of mine. My pastor..Mark the one reading the Piper quote at the beginning. These people have had an enormous impact on our church. So thrilled to see God using them to glorify himself.”

  2. Oh my, what a story. I will be keeping up with her blog and praying for them (and my own marriage). What a beautiful example they are to a world that treats marriage so frivolously…always ready to throw in the towel at the moment of disagreement. May their story reach the ears of those who need to hear it and may God be glorified in it all!

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