Building expansion update

As most people who checkout this website on any regularity will now, we at Center Hill are in the midst of a building expansion program.  We have been carefully considering God’s plan for approx. 2 years now as we have outgrown our facilities.  God has led us to consider several different options and it appears that He is leading us to build a new sanctuary and fellowship room as an attachment to our current building.  We would then renovate the current building making it ministry rooms, office space and child care facilities.

Our building committee, under the authority of the entire board, has considered biblical principles of ministry, God’s leading, our needs, our desires, state requirements, financial constraints and current facilities to come to our current status in this project. The suggested expansion plans are available for viewing by clicking here.  We have sent out our conceptual drawings and spec sheets to suggested contractors requesting bids for the project.  The committee will be opening those bids this Wednesday evening.  If any acceptable bids are received we will be making a recommendation to our church for approval in the next several weeks.

It is exciting times at Center Hill.  God has clearly spoken through the growth and discipleship of our people.  We are committed to the authority and the sufficiency of the scriptures as a people and a ministry.  God and His word are proclaimed as glorious at Center Hill and it is our intentions, by His grace, to remain steadfast to that end.  These new facilities will allow us to do that   Pray with us for wisdom and unity as our folks enter this crucial time in this project.





soli deo gloria

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