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How do you respond to the Christmas season? With anticipation, merriment, frustration or maybe even apathy? At CHCC, we have been looking at several different biblical characters and their responses to Christmas or in particular their response to Emmanuel, God with us, over the past couple of weeks. What has become very evident about the responses to the Messiah’s coming, found in the story of the first Christmas, has been that it reflects different attitudes about worship of the God of creation.

We have looked at the Magnificat and found that Mary’s response was one of a humble servant who’s soul magnified the Lord. This from a teenager of 14 or 15. King Herod responded with hostility and the Jewish leaders with apathy. Apathy, which by the way, led to open hostility ending in our Savior’s murder three decades later. And this week we saw the joyful worship from the most unlikely persons, Gentile pagans, the Magi.   These astrologer magicians ascribed to our Savior the dignity, honor and worship due Him through joyful giving of their sacrificial gifts.

It has been a great opportunity for us to evaluate our own responses to the Christ of Christmas. Have we found ourselves humbly submitting to the leading of a sovereign God in our lives and ‘rejoicing with exceeding great joy’ as we approach to worship the King of Kings. Or do we miss the Messiah even though He’s manifested Himself in our very midst and time. Never let it be said of us, as it was of the Jewish leaders, that we have responded with indifference. When confronted with the truth of the Messiah and the Good News that ‘God is with us’ we are forced to make a decision. Will we worship Him this Christmas or find ourselves missing the Messiah for our celebrating of the season?

Soli Deo Gloria


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  1. Just trying out the link from facebook. I feel that the world and in particular, our nation, has fallen guilty to the feeling of indifference in many ways and areas. I must admit that I am guilty of indifference also. I must continually examine myself and ask God to lead me in the right direction. He has a plan for us, but we must be open to receiving that plan. The birth of Christ, that we are celebrating this time of year, was a very important step in that plan. I believe we must continue to spread the news of “the real reason for the season” so that the fallen world will see that we are not indifferent to the arrival of our Saviour. May God continue to Bless our little church and lead us down the right path.

  2. A couple of added praises to God for this day that he has given us. First, Howard came through his surgery just fine and is now home. And second, John was at church this afternoon, practicing songs on the organ for Sunday morning. First time John has been in church since his surgery.

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