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This is an exciting time for CHCC and especially for me as Pastor.  Our new website site is up and running.  This is something new to me as I haven’t been one to care much for writing.  However, with today’s technology, our church has seen the potential to further encourage our people and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, therefor as Pastor I will learn to write and ‘like it’.

Our site will be updated every couple of days with encouragement from God’s word, recaps of our previous preaching and teaching sessions, announcements concerning events at our church, and at times maybe even a random thought or two.   You, as a visitor to the site, are encouraged to leave comments in response to my blogs, the Sunday messages or even the color of my tie on Sunday morning.  Please leave comments as this encourages other readers.

Browse around the site.  We will be adding things as we grow but for now you will find what we believe, a short history of the church, pictures of things happening at Center Hill, interesting and trusted links to other organizations  and churches.  You can even listen to past messages.   Check out ‘Our Hope’ page.  It’s the essence of who we are and why we exist.  Better yet, come and visit us.  We’d love to see you.

God is good and I am looking forward to Him working in our midst.

Soli Deo Gloria!

1 thought on “Welcome to our new website

  1. Nice website, especially the availability of sermons.

    Under Information, you might want to consider adding directions to your location, e.g., from Brookville and/or Clarion, for those of us who have no idea where Knox Dale Road is.

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