Boring church service?

The Elders of Center Hill recently spent a Friday and Saturday together to seek the wisdom and direction of the Lord for our church.  What a great time with these guys.  The cabin, food and fellowship was exactly what this sometimes tired Pastor needed.

The hours we spent in prayer, searching God’s word and evaluating the Lord’s ministry at CHCC was very fruitful. Fruitful in the sense that God spoke and we were able to honestly assess our past decade and all the Lord has accomplished in and through us.  We also were able to see our shortsightedness in areas.  That proved to be the easiest part of our time together.

Much more difficult proved to be ‘vision’ for the next few years.  We had to determine what changes needed to be made.  How could we connect better with our congregation?  What would help increase attendance in this or that ministry area?   We needed to be clever, to be fresh, to be innovative.  What were we missing?

Several key changes, nuances really, were discussed and will be implemented.  Nothing earth shattering, no face lift of any ministry is coming.  We determined to remain faithful in obedience to word of God in all areas of ministry and personal growth, as we have tried in this past decade.

To some, it might seem a let down, a less than ‘eye opening’ result for insight into our church’s future.  But to us, as under shepherds of our Lord’s flock, it brought comfort.  We were pleased.  We don’t need to be cutting edge, to be the next ‘movement’ in ministry ideas.  God’s word is our authority and our sufficiency in these matters.  It’s not glitz and clamor, it’s obedience and thankfulness that God requires of His people.   We are committed to His word and will by His grace moved forward in. 

I came across a very encouraging article that I enjoyed and wanted to share.  It’s about ‘boring church services’ and their lasting affects on our souls.  Not that we have boring services but we don’t have to be the latest and newest in our methods to reach God’s covenant people with the good news of His redemptive story.  Read and enjoy.

Boring church services changed my life

soli deo gloria!


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