Seriousness about God

Here at CHCC we are in the midst of a series of messages on worship from the book of Isaiah.  If one thing has gripped me in the preparation and preaching of this series it has been the seriousness of drawing near to God.  We see the warning from God Himself in drawing near with empty worship and the response of Isaiah being completely ‘undone’ when he drew near to the Holy in proper worship.  It has occurred to me in recent years, maybe recent decades, that our churches are not taking God seriously.  We have watered down our theology, lost our true sense of purpose in the local church and allowed entertainment to replace worship in the house of God.  John Piper has a wonderful ministry at Desiring God and a special feature in ‘Ask Pastor John’.  I have included a short video from that feature which I would encourage you to check out.  Piper has once again hit it on the head in his assessment of our desire today to be entertained at every turn which has found it’s way into our churches.  We need to get back to a proper theology of God and realize that God takes very serious His worship and His kingdom.  It’s not all a party.

Breaking the addiction of entertainment


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