It’s a joy!

Wow it’s been awhile! So sorry. No excuses, just an apology.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” These words of Jesus have echoed in the hearts and the actions of our folks from Center Hill in the past weeks. No public recognition in this post, just a general acknowledgment of the love of a people for their Lord as demonstrated by their love for each other. Also a Pastor’s heart felt thank you to all those who have taken of their time and resources to reach out to those inside and out of our church.

It is sometimes difficult, as Pastor, to keep focused and not become discouraged in ministry. This has been very rare as your Pastor here at CHCC and recent months have been no different. You constantly reach out to show Christ. Nothing lifts the spirits of a Pastor more than to see the people of his congregation be changed by the preaching of the Word. The past 20 months we have walked through the book of John and have had our view of Jesus and His glory expanded dramatically.

This has resulted in our teens nearly demanding a short term missions trip, work teams providing remodeling for folks, helpful dinners provided, 5 day clubs hosted and taught, funeral luncheons, and weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice. Ladies counseling one another and carrying one another’s burdens have become common place in our church in the past several months. New teachers, new musicians, new resolve. Insert a smile on a Pastor’s face right here.

Thank you Center Hill for making it a joy to be a Pastor here.

soli deo gloria




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  1. It is our great pleasure to serve in Christ with a pastor who preaches, teaches, comforts, and loves us all. Your preaching through the book of John has opened our eyes to Christ more and more. Your uplifting encouragement to continue the work of Christ has no doubt been influential on us all. It is an honor to serve God with the folks at Center Hill.

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