God’s works displayed

Penn View Bible Institute’s Praise Singers presented a concert of gospel music this morning before our message.  What a wonderful group of guys who love the Lord and CAN SING.  Our folks were all blessed by their music and their testimony in word and deed.  Thanks guys, you were a witness of Christ to CHCC.

Our message this morning, began a 3 part message of John 9 verses 1 through 17, the blind beggar man and the work of God being displayed in his suffering.  There is no more important message preached by myself than this one.  We Christ followers must have a sound theology of human suffering and God’s sovereignty to make sense of our lives.  The Bible does not let it up to each of us to guess or make up ‘wise human advice’ to explain pain and suffering, it gives clear explanation to the deepest of our pains.  It is so that the works of God might be displayed in our suffering.

No blog or short message series can rightly explain all of God’s purposes as we walk through the individual trials of this life.  It is safe to say however, no essential to believe, that we worship a great God who is in control of every aspect of our lives.  And that this great God is loving and good and purposes that his mighty works be on display through my suffering.  My suffering can only be understood in relation to God.  When I try to explain it simply in terms of happenstance or fate or chance, I not only diminish God but find myself at a complete lose to see hope in my pain.

We worship a majestic and powerful God, who knits together the disabled child in the womb (psalm 139) and makes the mouth of man mute (exodus 4).  In all things including each of these sufferings, God is putting His works on display.  His purposes are sure and His ways good.  We might not understand those purposes but when we don’t see the hand of God revealed we must trust His promises.

Join us for the next couple of weeks as we expand our intimacy of Jesus and come to a proper understanding of the pain and suffering of life.



soli deo gloria





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