History Channel’s ‘The Bible’

OK, I have to address this even though the jury is still out and will be for the next month or so.  The History Channel is airing a miniseries entitled “The Bible” and several folks have been wondering  ” Should we watch it” or “How accurate will it be” or “Can anything good come out of Hollywood”.

In our adult second session yesterday at church (Sunday School), I recommended that those who have access to the History Channel watch it with specific intent in mind.  Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have made, if not explicit at least tacit, implications that their purpose in producing this was to have people become more aware of the ‘redemption story of God’ written though-out the Bible.  The inferred claims are that this series will show that this redemption story points toward and then is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  If that is the goal and outcome of this series, all I can say is “Wow”!

But beware as already the liberal media is putting their spin on the historicity and the accuracy, and thereby the theology, of the series as per the liberal online news source, the Huffington Post.  Keep in mind, the Huff’s author begins with the premise that the Bible, God’s word not the miniseries, contains both history and fiction.  This alone is a claim that sinks that author’s conclusion of the mini series from the opening line.

This said, I encourage members of CHCC, to watch it and come prepared to discuss this series as time allows in the next several weeks at adult session.  If this series accomplishes in 10 hours the compilation of thousands of years of history in such a manner that clearly demonstrates God’s redemptive work of sinful fallen man fulfilled in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone, than let the people of God rejoice.  If not, than it is of little or worse value to the cause of the gospel of God than the miniseries which followed it on Sunday nights, ‘Vikings’.

I’m excited about it, as the first night’s episode seemed true to it’s proclaimed purpose, man’s willful fall from God’s grace, man’s rejection of God as God and God’s unrelenting pursuit of his chosen people in spite of their sin.  Let’s just see, if in the word’s of the actor portraying Abraham, ‘God will supply a Lamb’ is fulled in the coming episodes.

soli deo gloria


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