What Troubled Jesus?

John 12:27 Jesus said, “Now is my soul troubled……”  What troubled Him?  This is a question which has intrigued me for the past several weeks as I began my study for our church’s series of messages for the Easter season.  The time of Jesus’ saying that He was ‘troubled’ was the culmination of what we call Holy Week, the beginning of which was the Triumphal Entry into the city of Jerusalem.  He had entered being proclaimed by His followers as ‘King of Israel’.  Maybe His followers had finally heard and seen Him for who He was.  It should have been a joyous and celebratory time for our Lord, or so we would think.

But as we look at the mood and demeanor of our Savior that week, we see over and over the description of a troubled soul. Weeping, frustrated, suffering, nearly a ‘tormented’ being. Was it the prospect of impending torture, scourging, denial, betrayal, abandonment by friends, or the physical death by the cross? He was keenly aware of each of these coming events.  Surely it must be one, if not all, of these factors that our Lord was so troubled over, or so we would think.

What ‘we would think’ is so many times wrong and it would be if we thought any of the former.  I hope we as a church become impressed with what impressed itself on the very soul of our Lord,  something that troubled Him and should trouble us.  For as we see it in it’s most vile and horrible light we will never look upon it the same again.  We will use it as a reminder of our only hope and eternal life and see it as a symbol of grace which should spur us on to holy living.

What prospect troubled the very Creator of the universe to such a degree?  It was sin and it’s penalty of death. It was not necessarily the physical death and anguish but the punishment of sin and the forsaking of the Father.  Something which was so foreign in God’s perfectly created good world and something which was so unnecessary for His own sake.  This separation from His Father and the glory which He shared would be such weight on His soul that He would sweat drops of blood and cry out in complete anguish, “Why have You forsaken me.”  It was the cross of Christ.

This week we saw the heaviness of Jesus and the centrality and necessity of the cross in His instituting the Last Supper. Next week we will see Him leave the supper and proceed to the Garden of Gethsemane where he will be troubled to the point of sweating blood and finally we will see the utter anguish of His words as the Father turns his back on Him at the Place of the Skull.  A period of twenty hours, the purpose or ‘hour’ for which He came.  Yes, He was troubled and so should we be by the prospect of sin’s punishment.  But as we sense that trouble and understand that He died not His own death but ours, what a celebration we will have when on Easter morning, we hear the angels say, ‘He is not here but He is risen!’.  Sins punished, Forgiveness available!  Rejoice!

It is my hope as Pastor that we get a deep sense of the vileness and filthiness of the cross and the sin that required it when we see the cross as a symbol on a t-shirt, or piece of jewelry or as an icon within a church.  I pray that we pause and remember the cost to our Savior, that we give thought to the grace extended to each of us who by faith participate in the cross with Him.


Soli Deo Gloria


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  1. I wish I could even remotely comprehend what He went through…but I know even the worst suffering that I could ever go through would never even compare…for God is ever with me.

    Thank you for this…looking forward to the sermons ahead.

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