Does religion matter in elections?

With the most recent rise of Rick Santorum’s numbers in presidential polls, he is coming under more scrutiny for his words.   This being President’s Day and  Santorum’s recent mentioning of the word ‘theology’ and President Obama in the same sentence, it has raised questions in my mind as to the place a candidate’s religious views should hold in our voting for that candidate.  I’ve been amazed that for some reason certain people, liberals in particular, have divorced the issues of personal integrity and religious views from a candidate’s worthiness to hold office, especially the highest office of this country.  They seem more concerned with their ability in economics and diplomacy than they do with their moral underpinnings.  A person’s belief and thereby their morality or lack thereof will surely affect how they act and govern.   I, for one, desire to not only know of a person’s’ religious beliefs’ but in particular their belief of the person and finished work of Jesus Christ (for this makes a true Christian should a person claim to be one).

I came across this short article from The Gospel Coalition today which raised the question of the basis for the morality of two of our greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln.  Were they Christians or not is not answered by this article, for the issue of Christ has not been answered.  But the truth of the matter, as recorded by history, is that morality (religion) was the integral strength of these leaders.  A government or governor could not exist without the foundations of religion at it’s or his core.  If that be true, can we afford not to know the religious beliefs of our candidates?


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