Looking forward to this Sunday

A lot of things are happening at Center Hill this weekend.  This Sunday we will be finishing our short series from John 1:1-14, with our fourth Advent message, ‘And the Word became flesh.’  Following the mornings services, we will have our annual Christmas party/luncheon.  A lot of laughs, music are in store.

We are especially privileged to have Dr.  Steve Austin, noted “Senior Research Scientist” with Institute for Creation Research with us for the morning Sunday School hour.  Steve will be presenting his lecture  Mount St Helens: Explosive Evidence for Creation.  We are looking forward to this informative, Biblically based presentation.  For further information on Dr. Austin refer to his bio.

Check out Dr. Austin’s video entitled “Where Darwin went wrong”.

It will be an exciting Sunday at Center Hill this week.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

soli deo gloria

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