Boring sermon, Pastor!

One of my greatest fears as Pastor is that I make  the Word of God boring as I take the pulpit each week.  It is the very Word and thoughts of the God of creation and it is astounding to think that He has chosen to even communicate with His creation.  What is man that He is is even mindful of us?

Then to think that He has entrusted to this earthen vessel a message for His people through His Word, humbles and strike fear within me.  Pray for discernment.  Discernment not only on my part but on the part of the hearers at  Center Hill Community Church.  Discernment to distinguish between opinion and truth, between traditions of man and the commandments of God.

But preaching and hearing is obviously a two way street.  We hear often of the responsibility of the preacher to preach soundly but is the hearer just a passive sponge without any duty?  No, the scriptures are very plain that to those who much as been given much will be required.  The principle is clear, act on what God has revealed to us.

As the Puritan Pastor Richard Baxter said, ” Remember that all  these… sermons must be reviewed, and you must answer for all that you have heard, whether you heard it…with diligent attention or with carelessness; and the word which you hear shall judge you at the last day. Hear therefore as those that are going to judgment to give account of their hearing and obeying.”

As a Pastor, I am grateful for the people of Center Hill.  They do discern, they act on what they hear, they allow the Word to change them, they challenge me.  Oh for this to continue.

Below is a 2 minute video from John Piper which sums up my heart of the Word of God and it’s appeal to the true child of God.  Pray that we at Center Hill never treat the Word of Creator God as boring!


soli deo gloria


3 thoughts on “Boring sermon, Pastor!

  1. Good word Guy. When you spoke of discernment I thought of Hebrews 5:14. Solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to discern good from evil. When we as believers don’t pay attention to the teaching of the Word and practice what we have learned, how can we trully have the discernment that we should have. We not only rob ourselves of the pleasure of being obedient to the Lord of all creation, but we rob God of the glory that is due Him from us.

  2. I really don’t think that you have it in you to preach a boring sermon. I pray that I should have the holy spirit within me as much as He is evident within you. Not envious, just an observation! May God always bless your ministry.

  3. I agree with Jim–I have yet to hear a boring sermon. I always go home challenged to study more and grow in faith.

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