What a week!


Allow for some self expression in this post.

What a week it as been. 28 CHCC ‘family’ members experienced God in a very special way this week at the Ocean City Bible Conference in O.C., New Jersey. As each session of praise and teaching ended, I listened to our folks speak, with enthusiasm, of seeking deeper ‘worship’ as a church or desiring a deeper commitment to finishing well in their marriage and sexual purity. Others were awed at the commitment of the faithful Reformers upon who’s shoulders we stand and still others grew in their love of the theology of the Protestant Reformation as taught by the ‘solas’.

To hear the voices of several hundred people singing loudly and in worshipful harmony ‘It Is Well With My Soul’, people who find complete satisfaction and delight in Christ alone, if but for that brief moment, gave each of us a taste of what eternity will be like. Everyone came back changed and longing for more.

Fast forward to today. What a day of worship it was for us at Center Hill. I have to believe God was pleased. We combined the Jesus ordained ordinances of the church into one service, the Lord’s supper and 5 baptisms. Wow, what a thrill for this lead Pastor. To preach about our feasting and nourishing ourselves spiritually at the table and to see a near full worship center celebrate the obedience of 5 of our brothers and sisters was an amazing experience. Then to continue in fellowship with a luncheon and welcoming several visitors, brought together what the church is meant to be. A place of worship, edification, encouragement, discipleship and communion.

All I can say Center Hill is that I love being your Pastor.


Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Amen! What an Awesome Blessing and experience of having such a combination of obediences..I love growing 2gether with my church family! Desiring and Experiencing a deeper Walk & Relationship is 2 wonderful 4 words! 😀

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