In his own words. These are lies?

One final word about the movie “The Shack”.  The author of the book and the movie has now written a new book to explain his personal beliefs of theology, “Lies We Believe About God”.  We can now quit speculating about what the writer “really means” or is “trying to portray” in this movie, which has created some strong debate in the Christian community.  Every writer has a world view and therefore a view of theology and will essentially write from that perspective.  Here is a sampling of Young’s theology in his own words by certain chapter headings from his new book – 

Chapter 2: “God is Good. I am not.”

Chapter 3: “God is in control.”

Chapter 13: “You need to get saved.”

Remember these are ‘lies’ according to Young.

It should serve as a warning to every discerning Christian that the underlying narrative of the “The Shack” is theologically questionable at best and heretical at worst.

Young has done the church a favor in writing this book, as A. Lincoln said  “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” 

See Challies review of Young’s new book here. 

soli deo gloria!



1 thought on “In his own words. These are lies?

  1. I already knew The Shack was bad….but oh my! He calls those chapter titles lies about God? Oh how I pray more people will steer clear from this garbage!

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